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Quality and reliability of the original method

Our mission is to maintain a originalidade do Método e proporcionar uma experiência o mais personalizada possível aos nossos alunos, para que através da prática da Contrologia melhorem a sua condição física e mental e a sua qualidade de vida.

Os nossos instrutores são formados e capacitados para o ensino do Método Pilates, pela escola Romanas Pilates International, através de um processo rigoroso de certificação.

At Inês Moreira Pilates Studios you can practice the Authentic Pilates Method on the created by Joseph Pilates. 

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Inês Moreira

Passionate about
the method, driven by
the well-being of others

Licenciada em Educação Física na Faculdade de Motricidade Humana em 2005, começou a praticar Pilates muito cedo e apaixonando-se pelo método decidiu viajar para São Paulo, onde, em 2006, concluiu a formação no The Pilates Studio Brasil, onde conheceu e aprendeu com Romana Kryzanowska, discípula direta de Joseph Pilates.

Em 2007 abriu na Beloura o seu primeiro Estúdio, um espaço dedicado à prática do Método Pilates e outras modalidades ligadas ao bem-estar. Já em 2009 abriu um espaço em Lisboa, atualmente no Academia Life Club, localizado no Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

Em Janeiro de 2015 com Javier Perez Pont em Barcelona, iniciou a sua segunda certificação de Pilates. Em Outubro de 2015 concluiu a certificação pelo Romanas Pilates e um ano depois iniciou em Portugal a 1ª Formação de Professores do Romana´s Pilates, que conta com a participação de Javier Perez Pont e Sari Mejia, filha de Romana Kryzanowska.

Individual Class

55 minutes

In the individual class, the teacher always teaches and accompanies the student during the execution of the exercises, in the different devices created by Joseph Pilates. In these classes, the student works the body according to its needs and goals, obtaining great results.

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55 minutes

The duets are classes for two people, where the teacher teaches and accompanies the students during the execution of the exercises, in the devices created by Joseph Pilates: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Electric Chair, Baby Chair, among others.

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Mat Wall

45 minutes

A small group class is held in the studio, with limited participation by the number of Mat Wall devices.

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45 minutes

In "Mat" classes, the Pilates Method is worked on the floor using few resources and the weight of the body itself.
*Class only available at Estúdio da Beloura.

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Online Class

We also offer online group and individual Pilates classes, where despite the distance, you will always have an attentive teacher so that you can achieve your goals.

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Estúdio Pilates

O Estúdio Pilates Lisboa is a studio where you can practice the Authentic Pilates Method.

In this space, equipped with different devices invented by the creator of the method, Joseph Pilates. Sessions can be individual, for two people or in small groups. In this studio you will find specialized and qualified professionals, who will provide a safe and effective practice of the method.


Estúdio da Beloura

Integrated in Clínica da Beloura, Estúdio da Beloura is neat and comfortable, where everything is thought out so that you always feel welcome and accompanied. It is divided into three spaces that, by complementing each other, promise to make your wellness experience even more special.

The Pilates area was designed exclusively for the practice of the Authentic Pilates Method. In this space, equipped with the different devices invented by the creator of the method, Joseph Pilates, sessions can be individual, for two people or in small groups.

At the Nirvana area, in addition to Personalized Training, we offer Pilates Mat, Yoga, and Total Body Workout classes. The Estúdio Beloura also has at your disposal the Espaço Saúde, reserved, equipped and decorated to provide comfort and tranquility through eight different types of massages, physiotherapy, osteopathy and aesthetics.


Why practice

Most people who practice the Authentic Pilates Method experience changes within a few weeks. The method affects and benefits the body on different levels:

. Strengthening the abdominal muscles and developing the ones that support the spine eliminating chronic pain;
. Improved posture and body alignment;
. Increased strength, endurance and flexibility;
. Development of concentration, breathing and body control, reducing tension and fatigue;
. Optimization of sports performance and injury prevention;
. Pre- and post-natal care.


Who practice

The Pilates Method, in all the exercises that compose it, can be adapted, for men and women of all ages. It is suitable for:

. Athletes and practitioners of any physical activity;
. Sedentary and people with some physical limitations;
. People with back pain and/or stress;
. People undergoing rehabilitation;
. Young and old.

With 10 sessions you will see the difference, in 20 sessions others will see the difference and in 30 sessions you will have a new body”

Joseph Pilates

The Pilates Method strengthens the abdominal muscles and the ones that support the spine, enhacing the alignment and stabilization of the spine, providing a global postural reeducation, for pain relief. Pilates is indicated in cases of slipped discs, once by strengthening and stretching the muscles of the spine, it restores the space between the vertebrae, decompressing the discs and realigning the spine to its correct axis.
Postural deviations (scoliosis, hyperlordosis and kyphosis) take the person out of the correct axis, while the Pilates method works on spine alignment and muscle rebalance. Pilates promotes the strengthening and stretching of the muscles of the spine and abdomen, restoring body balance and relieving pain and discomfort that the person may have. The stimulus to body awareness, the repositioning of the basin and the muscular and postural rebalance that Pilates promotes give the necessary support to keep the spine in the correct position and without overloads.
coluna na posição correta e sem sobrecargas.
It favors the increase of bone density through the strengthening of the supporting muscles, muscle contraction and low impact movements. Pilates helps to support the spine through muscle strengthening, stretching and straightening of the spine, improving walking, as the leg muscles are also strengthened, helping in the circulation and nutrition of bone structures.
The improvement through the practice of physical exercise goes through its psychological and neurological benefits. The practice of physical exercise, through the regulation of the nervous system, leads the student to end the class with a feeling of well-being, with good mood, less pain and less fatigue. Physical activity has to be guided and conducted slowly and progressively. Pilates is indicated in these cases, as it is individual work and according to the possibilities of the student.
With advancing age, bone problems, loss of muscle mass, decreased balance and flexibility are normal. As Pilates is an individual work, it can be applied according to the physical condition and needs of the student. It is a safe method that promotes muscle strengthening, helps to reduce muscle and joint pain, increases self-confidence, the functionality of daily tasks and relieves various pains typical of this stage of life.
From the age of ten, Pilates can be a great exercise for children and adolescents because it favors the healthy development of muscles and bones and helps to develop correct postural habits.
There are several benefits associated with the practice of Pilates at these ages: it improves body awareness, concentration and posture; increases joint stability and mobility and decreases growing pains; works flexibility, muscle tone, relief of tension and pain; prevents injuries and improves coordination and balance.
O Pilates ajuda os atletas tanto na melhoria da performance como na prevenção e recuperação de lesões. A melhoria da performance acontece devido à melhoria da eficiência do movimento. O Pilates melhora ainda a força, a flexibilidade, a resistência e o controle motor e fortalece a musculatura abdominal e os músculos de sustentação da coluna.
One of the sports that has more fans these days is running, but this practice, if practiced in an exaggerated way and without proper guidance, can cause several injuries. Pilates is an excellent activity to do in addition to running. There are several benefits when practicing the Method: improved posture (strengthening of the abdominal muscles and the deep musculature of the spine); improved coordination, stretching and body alignment (providing an easier run); injury prevention; maintenance of joint health and more efficient breathing, this is because Authentic Pilates works on the coordination of movements with breathing, thus increasing your lung capacity.
Practicing Pilates during pregnancy is safe and healthy. It can bring benefits for both, mother and baby. In our studio, pregnant women always have individual monitoring, so that the workout is properly adapted to the gestational trimester they’re at.

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    Romana's Pilates

    Quality, Commitment and Experience are the fundamental values that we intend to bring to those who sign up for the Romana's Pilates Teacher Training Program.
    We aim to offer the best Pilates Teacher Training Program, and in this way, train quality professionals in this area.
    O Programa de Formação do Romanas Pilates é individual, pelo que apesar de ter uma estrutura definida, se pode adaptar à realidade de cada formando. É nossa convicção que cada aluno deve ser avaliado de forma individual, necessitando assim de um plano de formação que tem em conta a sua experiência, a individualidade, os objetivos de vida, o conhecimento existente e a atual capacidade como professor.